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Steve composes for multi-media, TV and film and runs Steve Kirk Studios based out of Seattle, Washington.

Soon to be released! Game designer Ron Gilbert's Thimbleweed Park, with a score by Steve, will be available on XBox One, Speed and PC platforms.

Voodoo Vince Remastered, with over three hours of music composed by Steve is slated for release in early 2017 on Xbox One and Windows.

Music that Steve composed for game companies Redemptive Games and Jam City are also slated for early 2017 release. Titles to be announced. 

Other recent projects include composing music for the iOS releases “Skurvy Skallywags” for Beep Games and “Cookie Jam” for SGN. Steve also composed Cantina music for the Star Wars MMOL game “The Old Republic”. Other projects include music for the Disney game version of "The Princess And The Frog," and the FarmVille Theme for Zynga.

Steve was also involved as the composer on a multimedia project requiring that he compose, arrange, prepare scores, individual parts, and finally mix and master over three hours of music for a wonderfully creative game called “Voodoo Vince" (developed by Beep Industries for Microsoft Games on the Xbox platform) within a period of only six months. The original soundtrack audio CD, released on the Sumthing Else label, has received rave reviews.


Listen to music Steve wrote for Star Wars - The Old Republic


Listen to music Steve wrote for the video game Voodoo Vince

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